2018 Ovid Projects

Luke Welch, The Raven (II. 596-632)
Genni Clay, Mars and Venus, Apollo and Leucothoe (IV. 169-189, 190-214)
Ellie Novogradac, Salmacis and Hermaphroditus (IV. 334-379)
Alex Pennachio, Perseus Slays the Sea Monster (IV. 706-743)
Samuel Yee, The Death of Procris (VII. 826-865)
Kacy Stoddard, Iphis and Ianthe (IX. 704-740)
Sam Gordon, Death of Orpheus (XI. 1-35)
Lu Paris, Oenone to Paris (Heroides V. 41-76)
Phillip Chin, To Cupid (Amores II. 9a and 9b)