2017 Ovid Projects

Pierce Yeary, The Creation Story (I. 32-88)
Samuel Thomson, Deucalion and Pyrrha (I. 393-437)
Julia Brennan, Jove in Arcady (II. 422-457)
Leeza Lu, Perseus and Andromeda (IV. 670-705)
Max Augus, Perseus versus Medusa (IV. 738-786)
Sydney Stewart, The Story of Procne, Philomela, and Tereus (VI. 636-674)
Ryan Hall, Jason and Medea (VII. 32-73)
Sam Gordon, War Between Crete and Athens (VII. 469-504)
Hadi Shanaa, The Story of Cyparissus (X. 106-142)
Sophie Max Kojima, Apollo and Hyacinthus and Ganymede (X. 155-185)
Charlie Sohn, Atalanta and Hippomenes (X. 560-596)
Kacy Stoddard, The Fate of Adonis (X. 704-739)
Avery Lemoine, The Teachings of Pythagoras (XV. 83-95, 214-236)